May 15, 2013

From the Head


Welcome to our redeveloped website. In our effort to be more technologically advanced we look forward to you visiting our site with more regularity as we will use it for regular updates to our school community and stakeholders so as to keep all abreast of our new developments and current school activities and in doing so we are making strides in making the site more interactive for the benefit of all involved. Please feel free to give us any suggestions as to what you would like to see on our site and how we can make it even better to better serve our school community.

American School Macedonia is a small private school, registered in the USA as a “non-profit organization”. The staff, administration, parents, students, and community have made us what we are today – a school wholly focused on the development and success of all our students. We are concerned about giving the best possible education to our students and we pride ourselves on this fact. We are fully accredited by an American Accreditation Agency. Our High School is also accredited by the Macedonian Ministry of Education.

Please take your time reading through our web-site, and should you have any questions or queries regarding the information contained within these pages then please feel free to call us or pay us a visit…..our doors are always open to visitations by anyone interested in what we have to offer.


Mike Bujko, Superintendent