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We will provide an excellent ‘American System Type’ school education with instruction in English for eligible local and international children by creating a harmonious environment for all students that recognizes, accepts, and treats in an egalitarian manner, students from all cultures, races and religions.

We actively encourage our students to embrace learning to the fullest extent. By using varied and innovative teaching and learning techniques, continual assessment, and external standardized testing, the school strives to produce life-long learners who will go on to become knowledgeable individuals, responsible and productive citizens, effective communicators, and critical thinkers.

To provide students with a balanced curriculum that is aligned to internationally recognized standards, within a nurturing and pastoral environment that is responsive to their educational needs, interests and abilities, so as to improve student educational achievement.


Elementary School

ASM promotes a positive learning environment. The school community challenges the students, parents, faculty, and staff to think and perform high levels of achievement and exhibit positive character values.

High School

ASM provides quality educational opportunities for all of our students. We seek to promote within our students a positive vision for their future and we help our students become balanced and successful citizens.

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