January 29, 2014


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Boris Kecman

Boris Kecman, parent of elementary grade student at ASM, 2006 – 2013.

My son Bruno attended the whole primary school at ASM, from 2006 to 2013. My wife Tamara and I were most satisfied with the high quality of education he received but more than that, we were very happy to see that he felt very comfortable and developed healthy attitude towards learning. The atmosphere in the school is very friendly with a genuine family environment in which children feel safe and inspired. An important quality of the school is also that the children are treated individually, which provides optimal conditions for their intellectual and creative development. The teachers and management are just great in making the education process for children a pleasant experience. Thank you ASM!

Mia Jovanova edited

 Mia Jovanova, student at Cornell University, USA:

“ASM successfully prepared me for the academic rigorousness of an ivy league institution. ASM’s staff taught me invaluable skills inside and outside the classroom, and gave me full support throughout the college application. I could not be more thankful.

P.S. I finished first semester with a 4.0 GPA and I am still alive!”





Sofija Angjuseva edited

Sofija Angjusheva, student at University of Munich, Germany:

“As most of the ASM staff know, I practically grew up in this school and it is a really hard task to sum up my experience in a couple of sentences. ASM introduced me to people from all around the world, different cultures, my best friends. The staff has been nothing, but amazing and has taught me invaluable lessons throughout the years. ASM prepared me for university life and for everything and anything that comes after it. Words are not enough to express my gratitude.”





Evgeny Kandybko edited

Evgeny Kandybko, student  2005-2011, now at university in England:

“I am now in my 1st year of International Baccalaureate Diploma studies at International School of Kenya in Nairobi, where my family moved from Skopje. Looking back at my wonderful experience at American School Macedonia, I feel most grateful to my teachers and remember my friends — I am still in touch with many of them – the family-like atmosphere and fun during class breaks, unforgettable field trips to Mavrovo, and many more memories.

And indeed, most important of all, throughout all these years in a real international environment like that of ASM I received very good knowledge on many subjects that allowed me to qualify for my further IB studies. I look back on my time at ASM with tremendous pride.”



Arjana Begzati edited

Arjana Begzati, student 2008 – 2010, now at university in the USA:

“The two years of Junior High I spent at ASM were some of the most educative and wonderful years of my life as a student. I entered ASM with almost no English language skills at all and within only two years, English became a language I mastered without any difficulties. This and the studying abilities I developed there are due to the close interaction with all the members of the school and the small class sizes, which allow for individual attention for each student from the very dedicated and professional teachers. Being an exchange student in the USA currently, I see that ASM with its curriculum and positive atmosphere functions very much like an American school.”




Josh Frye edited

Josh Frye, teacher 2011-2012. Administrator Ohio State University, USA:

“Having been a teacher at the elementary, high school and collegiate level I have never been more impressed with a school as I have been with ASM. The environment set by the administration is perfect for learning. The students at ASM are exceptional as is the teaching staff. Working at ASM has set the bar for which I base all other working opportunities upon.”






Sandrine Jovanovic, teacher. English teacher, Laval, France:

“Working with small classes has many advantages. Children become confident learners in no time. ASM provides a safe and caring environment for its pupils but also its staff. Should I ever return to Skopje, I would definitely apply for my old job back.”







Vesa Krasniqi, High School Graduate 2013/14.

Accepted to study BSc Computer Science at Budapest University of Technology and Economics:

“I have heard my friends tell many different stories about how they’re stressed about their exam we
ek coming up, their homework and going to school. Luckily, during the time I attended ASM, I didn’t have to go through such experiences and I am very thankful to all the teachers and the staff at ASM.

Although it hasn’t been long since I graduated, I already miss the school, but I feel confident and ready to continue on with my studies at a whole new level, which is what ASM has prepared me for.”




Ervin Shaqiri, student at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the South East European University London School of Economics, Skopje:

“Even though I only spent 2 years at ASM, the way the school functioned, and the friendly and hardworking staff, made me feel as if I had been a student there for a much longer time. During my studies at American School Macedonia I learned both social and practical skills. The multicultural environment gave me the opportunity to meet students from all over the world and look at the world from a different perspective. Academically ASM taught me many techniques and methods on how to approach my studying.
What I miss most about ASM is the friendly environment in school, where learning is actually fun, but at the same time demanding. It is a perfect balance between studying, laughter.”




Taewoong Song, High School Graduate 2014/15.

“ASM, American School Macedonia, was the best school in my school life. In the beginning, I was a little afraid about of going to a school in a foreign country, leaving my friends in my hometown. In spite of my initial apprehension, the students in ASM were immensely friendly and warm. Not only that, the teachers were really kind. I feel very thankful to have had such teachers – teachers who had high-hopes for me, which made me study harder than I used to.

I will miss ASM a great deal and I would encourage students who wish to be successful and achieve the best they can to join this fine school!


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