May 23, 2015

Summer School 2015

Summer Adventure Link

Week 1 “Summer Adventures”

This year’s Summer School began with sharing our summer experiences and diving into new and exciting summer waters.

Week 2

Week 2 “The Wonders of China and Japan”

Across the week, the children enjoyed fascinating stories, explored fun facts and created wonderful pieces of art while experiencing Chinese and Japanese culture.

Week 3 Gallery  Link

Week 3 “Into the World of the Native Americans”

Guided by learning activities, games, and projects, we stepped into the world of the Native Americans, where we researched their past and present, and experienced some of their customs, beliefs, and daily life. Click on the link for a closer look.

Picture Link

Week 4 “Child Inventors”

Our Summer School cultivates creative and innovative minds, allowing kids to experience invention and innovation through projects and activities that educate and entertain at the same time. Click on the gallery link to see our wonderful work.

I, the Pharaoh 1 (5)

Week 5 “People & Places”

Like true detectives, we traced the footsteps of early humans and ancient civilizations, piecing together the story of how humans first appeared on Earth and the ways in which they have been changing the world ever since. By studying ancient buildings, myths and legends, art, and everyday life, we built up a picture of what life must have been like a long time ago.


Week 6 “Our Planet & Beyond”

Week 6 took us on our final journey of discovery, traveling from the center of the Earth, through the world’s seas, oceans, continents, and farther into space. We researched scientific facts, experimented to simulate natural phenomena, enjoyed tales about the origins of the natural world, and created art inspired by our wonderful and mysterious planet.


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