May 4, 2015

Science explorations

Our Science explorations stretched through two units – Our Natural Resources and The Roles of Living Things. Take a tour through our Science lab!

1.Glaciers can cause a rapid change of the Earth’s landscape. Our mini models of a glacier proved that:

2. There are many different kinds of soil on this planet. Each kind has its own properties and we discovered how sand, gravel, and topsoil interact with water:

3. What do plants need to survive? Water, sunlight, soil, or all three together? This experiment that lasted for one week showed that plants need to be taken care of to survive.

4. To learn the classification of living things based on what they eat, we tried to grow mold on a slice of bread and cheese. The results were growing fast into our classroom decomposer – mold.

5. Finally, we were busy to create food chains and decorate our classroom with them displayed on a coat hanger. We also discovered how to create food webs, which are more complex food chains.
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