March 26, 2013

Mission & Vision


School Purpose

The purpose of the school is to provide a full-time educational program for any child (regardless of race, color, creed or religion) and ‘American System Type’ education with instruction in the English language. The goal is for the school to function as an educational institution for children in grades PreK – 12.


School Vision

ASM will be an indispensable contributor to the prosperity of Skopje and Macedonia, by providing school education in the English language for the eligible local and international population of the area. We aim to increase understanding, respect and cooperation between cultures and actions by educating young people to become active, responsible and compassionate members of the world community.


School Mission

As an academic institution, we actively encourage our students to embrace learning to the fullest extent and their individual talents. We aim to produce life long learners who will go on to become knowledgeable individuals, responsible and productive citizens, effective communicators and critical thinkers. Only with a wide range of skills and a mature attitude to learning are students ready for the world of tomorrow.


School Belief

  • To provide students with a balanced curriculum;
  • To provide students with a nurturing environment that is responsive to their educational needs, interests and abilities;
  • To improve student educational achievement;
  • To provide students guidance and experience with regards to their affective domain including, but not limited to, interests, tastes, appreciations, ideals and attributes.
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